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Collaboration Collection 

@adashofchels x Izzy Anne Society








Happy October, the month that kicks off all the fun the holidays approaching! When I approached

Chelsea in 2019 about doing a Collaboration Collection, she was instantly on board and we knew

October was a great fit for her! You will find earrings inspired by her love for travel, eccentric pieces,

fun Halloween earrings and even Harry Potter inspired studs! Take time to browse her collection and 

you'll be sure to have smile on your face doing so! 

Chelsea loves all things surrounding social media, crafting and traveling! You will notice some of her picks are dedicated to her travels!

Her style is eclectic and she loves color! She enjoys incorporating accessories into her creativity. IN her spare time, Chelsea likes to spend quality 

time with her husband and her furbabies! The airplane studs are a nod to her love of travel and her husband whom is a pilot. 



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